Pregnant Black Woman — New Breasts!

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Sometimes (frequently), I’ll finish a drawing and won’t notice any glaring problems. Then, once I post the piece, I switch from creator mode into viewer and I see defects that weren’t obvious before.

I’m using some Eagle Verithin Carmine Red pencils I recently picked up. At some point I’ll have a review here:

Even thought they have an eraser (which implies erasability), the best I can do is turn the red lines into ghosts. Anyway, I redrew both breasts. Reworking exercices a different part of the brain. While putting together a drawing involves making many decisions and redo, fixing a drawing is another mode altogether, for me anyway.

In rework, I’m actively destroying whole regions of a drawing. It’s not simply a case of removing some stray lines. I’m basically doing a new drawing on top of the older one and integrating finished work on top of finished work. The sooner this happens on a drawing the better. Going back to a drawing too long after initial completion risks using the wrong tools/the wrong pencil sharpness, employing a different mindset, set of interests — basically, I’ve moved on and ‘initial conditions’ no longer exist.

Anyway, here’s the reworked drawing. And something else has changed: scanner settings. I’ve been tweaking these continuously, so I don’t have to spend so much time post-production. This version shows the truer paper tone of the Moleskine Folio that I use (and love so much).

Black Pregnant Woman - Reworked Breasts

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